I wore that sweet innocent look of a goat wife

My husband

“What if my husband finds out”?… Nitamwambia mbona nimeamua kufanya hivyo? Unamaanishaje by saying “My Husband” he whispered…..

There’s theory that nothing is ever lost, that every sound ever made, every word ever spoken, still exists somewhere in space and time, and may one day be recalled.

Before radio was invented, who would have believed that the air around us was filled with the sounds of music, and news and voices from around the world?
One day we will be able to travel back in time and listen to the voices of Adam, Abraham or even Shakespeare…..
I’ve been hearing voices that has carried me back to a┬ámillion years ago…

Am married to a soldier who is often out of the country on appointed duties.
He is so aggressive and loyal to his master and he loves his job.
We love each other though he often leaves me all alone at our home.
Sometimes in the still long lonely nights that I spend by myself. I wonder for how long am going to live like this.

My husband’s master is used to walking on the roof of his house, sijui anataftanga nini uko juu. Since I’ve heard mushene that he has a masters degree in FISIology, I decide to see if am beautiful enough to be admired by the King.

On this beautiful evening, I saw him take his usual trip to the roof. My house is not far from his so I decide to give him a little show and see if I can arouse the fisi in him.
I stripped naked and went to take a bath at the back of my house.
I pretend to enjoy the bath as I flung my long blond hair over my shoulders down to my back.

I move my body seductively feeling his eyes burning on me as he stopped pacing and stood frozen at one point. He later sends his servants for me as I knew he would, they took me to him.

I wore that sweet innocent look of wife of goats as I introduced myself.
“Your majesty, my name is Bethsheba wife to your loyal servant Uriah at your service sir”.

Before I knew it, he carried me to his royal bedroom.
“Sir what if my husband finds out”?
“We’ll worry about that later, am the King of Israel remember”?
“You are so beautiful”, he whispered.

Within a minute ,the only thing i recall is that
I woke up screaming and shouting,
“woooi Daudi nikii weeee “.
Sasa hiyo ndio bangi ama ni kioneki……

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