We heard Dad on top of his voice,’Rofati nikii’?

leave him

‘Aki aka kadame naonanga kakiwa sawa, manze si unitetee, said Robert my twin bro as he wrestled with a log that seemed to weigh a lot more than he did.We were in the forest fetching firewood with a group of friends and among them was Phyl a girl who had extraordinary looks and bro always admired her.

‘Nikutetee aje kwani huna mdomo’ I said jokingly, ‘don’t play righteous with me Robert, ebu shika pande yako’. I retorted as we tried to lift the log to the back of a donkey. The enormous log made me fart as I put all my strength in it. ‘Christ Robert do you know what this thing weighs, unavunja kuni huwezi kubeba ya nini, you are such a jackass’. ‘Come on, inua na nguvu’, he shouted but I dropped and the log fell down in a thud.

We both sat on it as the others laughed hard at us, ‘wacheni niwasaidie’ phyl offered, ‘don’t do him any favours, I teased he doesn’t deserve it’. ‘That’s nice of you he added, my sister is being a big pain in the ass over lifting one small log’. ‘Stand up you lazy girl, pick your end, he shouted at me while giving phyl a look of warm appraisal.

Finally we made it up the donkey, by sunset we all had enough and we set on the journey back home. 
We chatted happily on the way, it was a long way home and bro insisted that I convince phyl to spend the night at our home since it will be already dark when we arrive. By the time we got home she was convinced, mom was so happy for the enormous firewood we brought her. 

After having a huge dinner that mom gave us, we went to “beat stories” at my brother’s keja. We shortened the night till close to midnight, by then phyl was all into Robert. I left them and went stealthily to my bedroom coz we didn’t want mom to know that phyl spent the night at Roberts…

After some hours, I heard noises coming from Roberts keja, I passed thru the window and ran so fast to check. I found bro at his door stalk naked and shaking like a leaf.


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