‘Wee..Rofati nikii’?…. PART 2

"uyu kaari murooti"

“Uyu kaari murooti” my brother shouted. ‘Nini mbaya’ I whispered, ebu angalia rafiki yako sijui amefanya nini’….

I walked in and found phyl asleep but she was talking and singing. ‘Heeep hep’ she shouted, ‘tongro tonto tonto, ewe mungu twakuomba ibariki Kenya yetu, heko jamuhuri heko jamuhuri, heko jamuhuri madaraka ni yetu sasa!! Ooh kanu yajenga nchi kanu aaa kanu yajenga nchi.

She went on and on singing patriotic songs. I looked down at her stunned, she was sleep talking so loudly as Robert paced the little room asking me what we are going to do not even realizing he was naked.

That moment we heard dad on top of his voice,’rofati nikii’ (Robert what’s wrong) Robert took off and hit the maize plantation running as fast as his legs could carry him as I tried to wake Phyl . She sat up then stood, I covered her with a sheet and took her out pretending that we had gone out to pee.

Dad opened the door, ‘nikii kirathii na mbere guku’ (what’s going on here) he shouted. That moment phyl stood straight infront of dad and saluted, ‘mtukufu rais baba, sisi sote tuko nyuma yako na tunafurahia uongozi wako’. She started marching and singing, ‘Rais Moi baba taifa Kenya ongoza Kenya nchi yetu e baba taifa tawala’.

Everybody was confused as we watched her, she was singing so loudly that she woke all the neighbours. They warned us not to wake her, that we let her do her thing till she wakes by herself, “uyu kaari murooti” whispered one of our neighours. It was the longest night of my life because i was wordering kama anaweza mix all sort of songs kuliko Dj of which haina shida,my main concern was, akifikia time ya ku play videos itakuaje…

Robert came back the following day in his friends clothes and swore never to bring a girl home ever again…

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