They were more there for the miraa leaves

Two years after Kinoti opened a church with his wife, he realized that the church was not growing as he had expected. By this time he had thought that sadaka would be flowing like water on Liberian land but unfortunately he had only a few members who stuck by him but actually they were more there for the miraa leaves that Kinoti had used as a fence than the word they were getting from their pastor.

What are we going to do, Kinoti asked his wife. The church is not growing as I had expected, by now we should be driving a big car, living in a big house, not this makeshift shack that we are living in. A church needs miracles, if you can’t make miracles happen then forget about having members in your church kana ukianjie wira wa kwenderia andu mahuti maya magutanuka (miraa leaves), his wife told him. Kinoti walked towards the church thinking, what am I going to do, where can I get these miracles , he asked himself.

As he walked , he met with Chege who had married Mwaash after coming from Steve’s dowry which never happened. What’s up brother, you seem to be lost in your own world, Chege said greeting Kinoti. Hallo my brother, yenyewe I was deep in thought, I need to make money my brother but its like every time money sees me coming it runs in the opposite direction and the church is not growing.

I feel you my brother, me too, I feel the same, am now a married man na ile kukula bibi yangu anakula, lazima yenyewe mtu atafute pesa, but si I heard that you opened a church, church is the it thing nowadays, Chege said. Yes and no, Kinoti replied. yenyewe church ikikukubali you can make money, but nikama Mimi imenikataa. But why, all you need is to perform a few miracles and members will come running in, Chege replied.

You see my brother, Chege said getting closer to Kinoti, when the miracles refuse to happen, you make them happen. But how do I do that, Kinoti asked. Make me the chairman of your church…


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