I command you to stand and see….. PART 3

leave him

After a few seconds, Chege sat down, looked around, and stood up. He pretended to fumble around and the men went to help him. No no no, leave him ! Kinoti shouted at them, leave him around, let him enjoy standing up for the first time alone. Chege finally stood up and started jumping, I can walk, I can seee, he said touching his beared.

He sounded so happy for the miracle. The church went wild, they had never seen something like this. When Kinoti went to church the following Sunday, he found that the church seats were not enough for the people who had come. The word had gone around…

Kinoti walked in to the ululation of members and clapping. He sat in his usual seat and saw a packed church. Sitting infront of the church was Chege himself who was an exhibit that indeed miracles do happen.

I want to thank God for what he didĀ for us last week, he is a faithful God, I also want to welcome all the new members who have come to fellowship with us for the first time, may you all stand up, Kinoti requested. More than three quarter of the church stood up.

They had come to see this pastor who performed a miracle. God is a God of opportunity, he is a faithful God, and to remind us of what God has done for us, am going to make this man Chege, the first Chairman of the church so that whenever we see him sitted in front, we shall remember of what God can do when we trust in him.

Chege and your wife, would you mind taking the seats infront. Chege and his wife Mwaash stood up and walked infront to the clapping and joy of the members. The church was intense, people danced and prayed trusting in God. After they left, Kinoti and Chege locked themselves in the office to count tithes and offering.

They didn’t trust anyone else to do that. Waaaah, this is good, Kinoti said. I told you, all we needed was a miracle, Chege replied. At least we are heading in the right direction, Chege said, but you know what, we need another miracle, and soon but for us to pull it off , we needĀ Kimani…

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